Dead Man's Spite

Pirate Attack!

While the new moon was docked dropping off their shipment, the party took some r and r at a local tavern. hey came back to the ship early, only to be attacked by a group of pirates. Temmon and Meaira helped wipe out the pirates, but found they bore the mark of the Blackmire Pirates. The party then had to explain to her about the journal and why captain Blackmire was after them. Rather than being angry, she agreed to give them transport to anywhere they may like to go, as long as she could have the head of Elsaf Blackmire.

Let it slide

Moor, Gozrin, and Kaiomai, having defeated the cave bear, recovered the lost shipment for Captain Meaira. Still wary of other possible threats in the area, they took everything a distance from the blood soaked bandit camp before resting for the night. In the morning, Kaiomai conjured a horse to care the merchandise back to Bluesea. Once there they returned it to the captain. The next day The New Moon set out for Malie. Once the airship was high in the sky, Captain Meaira called the party into her quarters, and showed them the bounty posters with the prices on their heads. She explained that carrying the shipment of merchandise was just for extra money and that the crew of the New Moon were actually bounty hunters by trade. Not overlooking their help, she told them she would let them go this time, but not to let the crew know about the price on their heads. Thinking that having them around might be fun, she even reduced their fair to Malie.
After a days sailing, a severe storm blew in. While the crew was struggling to keep the ship in the air, two sea drakes attacked from the clouds. since the crew was struggling to manage the ship, it fell to our adventurers to fell the beasts. They succeeded, though not without injury. The drakes both fell from the side of the ship to the ground far below.

Surprise! Everyone's Dead!

Once the party neared the bandit camp, Moor went to scout out the camp by himself. He found it full of the corpses of the bandits, and the cave bear that had killed them feeding on their remains. He then went back to tell Kaiomai and Gozrin what had happened. They decided to kill the bear so they could search the bandit camp. Moor hid for an ambush while Gozrin and Kaiomai walked openly into the camp, Gozrin singing to lure out the bear. They successfully defeated it, though with no shortage of injury.

Passage to Malie

Our protagonists headed straight for the place where the journal was hidden. Kaiomai cut straight through town, instead of circling around like Gozrin and Moor, and reached the place first. Heading straight north twenty paces from the statue in the local cemetery, she found that there were five stumps there and three in about the right spot to be the hiding place. By the time she had narrowed down which stump contained the journal, Moor and Gozrin arrived. Within a hidden compartment artfully carve in the stump lay the journal and some coins. They Discerned from the journal that part of the map to the treasure may be in Malie, so they went to the docks to find passage to the aforementioned town. They split up to try three different ships. Moor tried the cargo ship The Skulking Sahuagin which was being guarded by a half-elf who was gruff and somewhat rude, but Moor won him over. He said they might be willing to transport them for a large sum of gold. Gozrin tried another ship and got in an argument with the elven soldiers manning it. Kaiomai Tried the ship New Moon and met the the first-mate and Captain. Captain Meaira offered them passage, and offered to cut the fee in half if they retrieved some lost cargo from some bandits. The party then reconvened and decided to locate the cargo. Moor used his knowledge of the underworld to get information from a shop keep about the black market and where the bandits they got supplies from were. They then headed out to find the cargo, despite not deciding which ship to take.

Escape From Wind Crest

Our three protagonists, Moor, Gozrin, and Kaiomai, found themselves together in prison in a port town called Windcrest. Sharing their cell in this dungeon was an old sailor who was ill to the point of dying. Moor asked if he had a final request and he responded by telling them the story of how he and his brother had found an ancient treasure, but couldn’t take it due to their weakened ship and crew. Before they could return for it, his brother betrayed him by attempting to kill him and take his half of the map to the treasure. The mans last request was that they claim the treasure before his brother, as a means of revenge. He explained that everything they needed to know was in his journal, and that his firstmate could help them retrieve it. He then passed away from disease. Shortly thereafter, his firstmate, Yoko showed up disguised as a guard and freed them. With Gozrins help, they carried the old Captains body out of the prison and gave him a burial on the way. Yoko then told the adventurers where to find the journal in Bluesea, but stayed behind in Windcrest, saying he only wanted to help his captain, and with them mans passing had no desire to continue for the treasure. The party continued towards Bluesea to find the journal and treasure, but were scarcely in sight of the town when they were fired upon by some guards that had tracked them from Windcrest. They overwhelmed the guards, two of whom ran leaving the third unconcious in the road. Gozrin and Moor saw to it he would survive and the party continued into Bluesea.


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