Dead Man's Spite

Escape From Wind Crest

Our three protagonists, Moor, Gozrin, and Kaiomai, found themselves together in prison in a port town called Windcrest. Sharing their cell in this dungeon was an old sailor who was ill to the point of dying. Moor asked if he had a final request and he responded by telling them the story of how he and his brother had found an ancient treasure, but couldn’t take it due to their weakened ship and crew. Before they could return for it, his brother betrayed him by attempting to kill him and take his half of the map to the treasure. The mans last request was that they claim the treasure before his brother, as a means of revenge. He explained that everything they needed to know was in his journal, and that his firstmate could help them retrieve it. He then passed away from disease. Shortly thereafter, his firstmate, Yoko showed up disguised as a guard and freed them. With Gozrins help, they carried the old Captains body out of the prison and gave him a burial on the way. Yoko then told the adventurers where to find the journal in Bluesea, but stayed behind in Windcrest, saying he only wanted to help his captain, and with them mans passing had no desire to continue for the treasure. The party continued towards Bluesea to find the journal and treasure, but were scarcely in sight of the town when they were fired upon by some guards that had tracked them from Windcrest. They overwhelmed the guards, two of whom ran leaving the third unconcious in the road. Gozrin and Moor saw to it he would survive and the party continued into Bluesea.


AlexCrook AlexCrook

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