Dead Man's Spite

Let it slide

Moor, Gozrin, and Kaiomai, having defeated the cave bear, recovered the lost shipment for Captain Meaira. Still wary of other possible threats in the area, they took everything a distance from the blood soaked bandit camp before resting for the night. In the morning, Kaiomai conjured a horse to care the merchandise back to Bluesea. Once there they returned it to the captain. The next day The New Moon set out for Malie. Once the airship was high in the sky, Captain Meaira called the party into her quarters, and showed them the bounty posters with the prices on their heads. She explained that carrying the shipment of merchandise was just for extra money and that the crew of the New Moon were actually bounty hunters by trade. Not overlooking their help, she told them she would let them go this time, but not to let the crew know about the price on their heads. Thinking that having them around might be fun, she even reduced their fair to Malie.
After a days sailing, a severe storm blew in. While the crew was struggling to keep the ship in the air, two sea drakes attacked from the clouds. since the crew was struggling to manage the ship, it fell to our adventurers to fell the beasts. They succeeded, though not without injury. The drakes both fell from the side of the ship to the ground far below.


AlexCrook AlexCrook

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